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Walter W Hahn's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

On June 6th 2019, my mother lost her husband, we lost a father, and our children lost their “Pop Pops.” My family opted to morn him privately as each and every one of us was fortunate enough to have shared with him our final goodbye. I am sure that my father would of loved to say goodbye to everyone he ever knew if he could, but I wanted you to know that you all were part of a story my father told at one time or another. Most of us move on or just forget but my father always remained true to what he felt was the right thing to do and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He had a perfect memory of all things past with names, dates and exact details like he was reliving it in his mind every time he was telling them. My parents, children and myself have always shared a closeness that will be cherished long after this passing. We would fight and forgive, disagree, make fun of, but most of all we were always there for each other. He though he was always right and I thought I was always right ! My mom, she was the peace keeper, but by doing that, she now became the target of our rightfulness! I grew up with everyone telling me “your just like your father”, we could be in two different room and if you asked us the same question, you’d get the same answer. My mom would say you and your father are so much a like it’s scary. My Uncle Marty, who is like a second father to me and my fathers best friend since early childhood always used the expression “the apple never falls far from the tree” when referring to my father and I. My father called me “Bubba”, which today, writing this, I can still hear his voice calling me that. He was a father figure to my children which thankfully he mellowed out a little just in time for that adventure! The first thing my father said during my oldest son Zachary’s visit to the hospital last week was “did you change the oil in your car?” Zachary was the only one with a car besides me so he was lucky enough share in the “I need help” calls. My daughter Hannah was Pop Pop’s “second in command” and his “gardener and “fix it“ helper, and she spend the entire day caring for him in the hospital while I worked and also rode home with him when the ambulance took him home on his final night. She referred to him as her best friend! My youngest son Connor, he was Pop Pop’s partner in crime in the fast food run’s and Pop Pop “second” computer technician along with Zachary. The closeness that my parents and my children and I shared all our lives is something not many people are not lucky enough to experience. Thank you Dad, for being my Dad, we will never forget you and you WILL be forever be in our stories. I am so thankful that you were able to spend you last hours at home in peace. I promise we will take take good care of mom for you. Till we meet again, I love you……….Kristina